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Why Choose Troncase Platform


You can transparently view all transactions and details that have been made since the date the Smart Contract was created.


Troncase is not managed by anyone, including its own software team. It is developed as a fully automatic system. Nobody has access to funds. Your funds are secured between you and the smart contract

High Security

Smart contracts are a part of Blockchain technology. Blockchain is a secure technology that no hacker can access

How it works


You can easily acquire TRX from the most popular platforms. After purchasing TRX, you can transfer it to your personal wallet, and then transfer it to your Troncase smart-contract address.

Download the wallet app for Browser or Mobile

We recommend to use: TronLink/TronMask browser extensions or Klever mobile app

Send TRX to our Smart Contract

Tell us more about your background in the field so that we can customize your programme to fit you perfectly.

Start Earning

Congratulations. You have joined the unique world of Troncase. You can find all your personal information on Wallet Statistics page and you can withdraw your money from this screen whenever you want

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Tron Price

0.0529 Tron Price on March 8, 2021

0.154 Tron Price on April 17, 2021

A GAIN of  0.1011 in just 40 days!

Minimum Deposit

Tron Price Prediction 2021

Tron appears to have just completed what looks like an inverse head and shoulders bottoming patter in early 2021, breaking above resistance. Early 2021 has been spent retesting the former resistance levels as support, and should result in a rise to a similar price as what Trading Beast predicts above, which is around $0.20 per coin or slightly below all-time high

TRON Price Prediction 2022 - 2023

Looking ahead to the next few years for TRON, there are bound to be some better opportunities for the price of the TRX coin to grow as the project keeps expanding.

Tron might have done well for the last few years, but things are now changing but slowly. Conditions are building and rounded bottom support is grinding the price upwards. Soon, expansion will occur

If Tron can break above the cryptocurrency’s former all-time high, it should see a rise to a new all-time high of nearly $10 per TRX